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Aucun article

Aucun article

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We hope you find what you are looking for.

Live life your way.  Stop looking to others for validation that you are on the right track Choose our E-Scooter and go to work with it!  or go discover a new city or new countryside and let yourself free.

Most of the products you will find have been personally tested. Or is Custom made using Premium Quality Materials.  All products are shipped with Express Transportation this is what brings our cost up. Fees are paid at checkout.

We will not lie and tell you

Free Shipping because Shipping Today is awfully Expensive. 

With a delivery around 7-10 business days unless specified. For Battery powered such as Scooters and Electric Bikes delivery is approx. 2-12 weeks due to flight restrictions on Lithium.


​We thank you in advance for your Trust, Dedication, and shopping with us. As we Strive to Please.

​Everything sold has a manufacturer warranty which will be described on its page. And all quoted list price are in USD.

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